, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 207-230

Family Quality of Life: Canadian Results from an International Study

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The quality of life of families that have a son or daughter with a disability has been an area overlooked by quality of life researchers until recently. The purpose of this study was to gather preliminary data on family quality of life and to report the findings of one part of an international study. The parents of 34 children and adults with intellectual disabilities were interviewed using the Family Quality of Life Survey, a measurement and assessment tool developed by a team of international researchers. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected for four concepts—opportunities available, initiative to access opportunities, attainment, and satisfaction—for each of the 9 key areas of family quality of life. In general, careers, spiritual and cultural beliefs, and family relationships were rated highly, while support from others and support from disability related services were rated quite low. Results provide a baseline for further research into the needs of these families, which is imperative for developing public policies and approaches to family-centered supports.