, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 297-310

Drainage water reuse

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Saline-sodic (4 < EC[dS/m] < 30; 10 <SAR < 40) drainage water can be used toirrigate crops that are moderatelysensitive, moderately tolerant and tolerantto salinity. However, in order to besustainable, particular attention isrequired towards crop selection, control ofsoil salination, and crop and soilmanagement to maintain soil permeability towater and air. Potential negative impactsof B, Mo and Se on crop yields, foragequality and wildlife also must be takeninto account and, if necessary, mitigated.The focus of this paper is the Californiaexperience, along the Westside San JoaquinValley (WSJV), related to these concerns.