, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 241-247

Serum Inhibin B Correlates with Successful Ovulation in Infertile Women

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Purpose : To investigate whether inhibin B and activin A serum and follicular fluid levels in infertile women undergoing induction of superovulation correlate with successful ovulation.

Methods : Infertile women (n = 16) (30–43 years of age) undergoing induction of superovulation for assisted reproduction were studied. A blood sample was collected before and days 3, 8, and 12 during the induction of superovulation. A follicular fluid sample at the time of ovarian pick up was also collected. Serum and follicular fluid were assayed for inhibin B, activin A, and estradiol.

Results : According to the successful follicular development women were divided in two groups: (A) responders (n = 10) and (B) poor responders (n = 6). Women of group A showed mean follicular fluid inhibin B levels higher than in group B (P = 0.001), while no significant difference for activin A levels was found. During induction of superovulation serum activin A levels did not change in both groups of women, while inhibin B and estradiol levels significantly increase only in responder women (P < 0.001). Serum inhibin B and estradiol levels correlated with follicles developed ≥10 mm (P = 0.000).

Conclusions : Serum inhibin B is an effective marker of follicular development in infertile women undergoing induction of superovulation, and may represent a further marker for ovarian follicular capacity.