, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp 257-278

Sexual and Cleaning Behavior and Related Morphology in the Genus Cerocoma (Coleoptera: Meloidae)

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The study of sexual behavior has been largely utilized in phylogenetic analyses of Meloidae beetles. Sexual behavior of the tribe Cerocomini is almost unknown, even though the genus Cerocoma shows the most striking sexual dimorphism in the family. In this paper, the sexual behavior of five species, C. (Cerocoma) adamovichiana, C. (C.) graeca, C. (C.) schaefferi, C. (Metacerocoma) schreberi, and C. (M.) prevezaensis, is described. The cleaning behavior of this genus, previously unknown, is also discussed. A morphological analysis by scanning electron microscopy of sexually dimorphic anatomical features of antennae, maxillary palpi, and forelegs, involved in cleaning and sexual activities, is carried out.