, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 239-243

Effect of the Degree of Acetylation of Chitosan on Its Enzymatic Hydrolysis with the Preparation Celloviridin G20kh

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The degree of acetylation was shown to exert only insignificant effects on the enzymatic hydrolysis of chitosan, while affecting the composition of the resulting hydrolysates and their water solubility. Chitosan with various degrees of acetylation was produced by reacetylation of the initial chitosan (the solvents, methanol and 2% acetic acid, were present in a ratio of 54 : 51 v/v; the amount of acetic anhydride was in the range 0.1–2.0 mmol per gram chitosan). Hydrolysis by the enzymatic preparation Celloviridin G20kh was performed at an enzyme-to-substrate ratio of 1 : 400 in sodium–acetate buffer, pH 5.2 (55°C) for 1 h.