, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp 85-108

Male Partners' Role in Latinas' Amniocentesis Decisions

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There has been relatively little research on men's experiences with fetal diagnosis or their role in their female partners' decisions about whether to be tested. This issue may be of particular salience in the delivery of genetic services to Latino groups, where it is often assumed that lower rates of genetic service utilization are linked to men's refusal to allow their wives to be tested. Here we present data from a multimethod study on the use of amniocentesis by Mexican-origin women in Southern California. We focus on the role male partners played in the women's amniocentesis decisions. Contrary to expectation, we found that women made the majority of the decisions about amniocentesis, although their partners' presence at the genetic consultation where the amniocentesis was offered proved an important predictive factor in amniocentesis uptake.