, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp 311-314

By-product formation by a novel glycerol-producing yeast, Candida glycerinogenes, with different O2 supplies

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Candida glycerinogenes is an aerobe which does not depend on sulphite for production of glycerol. With a sufficient O2 supply, up to 130 g glycerol l−1 was produced with 2.6 g acetic acid l−1 as by-product. However, with an insufficient O2 supply – with higher volumes of medium or at higher corn steep liquid concentrations – the glycerol concentration was lower because the by-products, ethanol, pyruvate and lactic acid, were produced in greater amounts, up to 45 g l−1, 4.3 g l−1, 1.6 g l−1, respectively, whereas, less acetic acid (0.6 g l−1) was produced. In addition, ethanol decreased to 0.4 g l−1 and the glycerol yield improved from 34 to 50% (w/w) by adding 50 g sulphite l−1, nevertheless, acetic acid increased to 7.8 g l−1.