, Volume 129, Issue 2, pp 159-168

Intraspecific hybridization in Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis II. Genetic parameters

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Genetic parameters of growth and stemstraightness to seven years of age wereestimated from two field populations ofpure Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis provenances and theirintraspecific hybrids, (Mountain Pine Ridge(MPR) × coastal provenances). There were noconsistent differences in the geneticparameter estimates obtained for theparental provenances compared to those fromthe MPR × coastal inter-provenance hybridcrosses. Narrow-sense heritabilities ofgrowth traits (0.06–0.33) andstraightness (0.21–0.50) were within therange of estimates that have beenpreviously reported for this species andother tropical pines. In general, additivevariance was found to be more importantthan dominance variance for growth andstraightness traits. There was no strongevidence to affirm that the superiority ofthe MPR × coastal hybrid could be caused bydominance variance. The low magnitude ofthe type-B genetic correlations within theMPR × coastal hybrid crosses suggested thatthe genotype-by-environment interactionmight be of practical importance inbreeding. For future hybridization of theMPR and coastal provenances, a recurrentselection scheme based on the utilizationof additive genetic variance of both parentpopulations is recommended.