, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp 711-720

Solid-Solute Phase Equilibria in Aqueous Solution. XI. Aqueous Solubility and Standard Gibbs Energy of Cadmium Carbonate

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The solubilities of CdCO3 (otavite) in aqueous NaClO4 solutions have been investigated as a function of ionic strength (0.15 ≤ I/mol-kg−1 ≤ 5.35, 25°C) and temperature (25°C ≤ T ≤ 75°C, I = 1.00 mol-kg−1). A new Chemsage optimization routine was employed to simultaneously evaluate solubility data from this work and other sources, as well as standard electrode potentials determined at different ionic strengths. With the Pitzer equations the solubility constants, \({}^*K_{{\text{ps0}}}^{\text{I}}\) , were extrapolated to infinite dilution resulting in log \({}^*K_{{\text{ps0}}}^{\text{0}}=6.14 \pm 0.10\) and the ternary ion-interaction parameters SθNa,Cd = 0.19 and \(\psi _{{\text{Na,Cd,VClO}}_{\text{4}} }=-0.037\) at 25°C. In addition, the following set of thermodynamic quantities can be derived from the present solubility data for otavite: Δf G Θ = −674.2±0.6 kJ-mol−1; Δf H Θ = −755.3±3.4 kJ-mol−1; S Θ = 93±10 J-mol−1K−1. However, the present solubility data are also consistent with a recent determination of the standard entropy of otavite which leads to a recommended set of thermodynamic quantities [Δf G Θ(CdCO3) = −674.2±0.6; Δf H Θ(CdCO3) = −752.1±0.6; S Θ(CdCO3) = 103.9±0.2].