Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 38, Issue 4, pp 358–406

Phenolic Compounds of Plants of the Scutellaria L. Genus. Distribution, Structure, and Properties

  • V. M. Malikov
  • M. P. Yuldashev

DOI: 10.1023/A:1021638411150

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Malikov, V.M. & Yuldashev, M.P. Chemistry of Natural Compounds (2002) 38: 358. doi:10.1023/A:1021638411150


Information on flavones, flavanones, flavanonols, flavonols, chalcones, isoflavones, biflavonoids, lignoflavonoids, and lignane glycosides and stilbenes isolated from plants of the Scutellaria L. genus was systematized and reviewed. A list of 208 phenolic compounds was given according to flavonoid type with an indication of the plant sources, structures, and physicochemical properties and citations of the original articles.

Scutellaria (Lamiaceae)flavonesflavanonesflavanonolsflavonolschalconesisoflavonesbiflavonoidslignoflavonoidslignane glycosides and stilbenes (formula, physicochemical constants, spectral data)

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  • V. M. Malikov
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  • M. P. Yuldashev
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  1. 1.S. Yu. Yunusov Institute of Plant SubstancesAcademy of Sciences of the Republic of UzbekistanTashkent