, Volume 51, Issue 10, pp 1915-1918

Synthesis and crystal structure of the nanosized supramolecular SmIII complex with macrocyclic cavitand cucurbituril {[Sm(H2O)4]2(C36H36N24O12)3}Br6·44H2O

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The supramolecular compound {[Sm(H2O)4]2(Cuc)3}Br6·44H2O (Cuc = C36H36N24O12) was synthesized. Its crystal and molecular structure was established by X-ray diffraction analysis. The binuclear complex cation {(Cuc)[Sm(H2O)4](Cuc)[Sm(H2O)4](Cuc)}6+ built from the alternating cucurbituril molecules (C36H36N24O12) and the [Sm(H2O)4]3+ aqua ions is a triple-decker nanosized (33 Å) sandwich.