, Volume 76, Issue 3, pp 245-254

Satisfaction and Anxiety for Women During Investigation of an Abnormal Screening Mammogram

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Five community-designed pilot projects were undertaken to reduce the time to diagnosis following an abnormal mammogram. One thousand five hundred and seventy-eight women with abnormal mammograms completed a self-administered questionnaire (71% response) which inquired about experiences and satisfaction with time delay from screening to diagnosis, the information received and support given by health professionals, and measures of anxiety and stress during this time interval. Four of the five pilot project initiatives shortened the time interval from screening to diagnosis, the greatest improvement occurring with facilitated referral from screening to diagnostic breast imaging. There was little difference among the pilot projects and control for most measures of client satisfaction and anxiety. Differences were found between biopsied and nonbiopsied women for several of these measures. Shortening the time to diagnosis positively influenced the client's perception of unnecessary delay.