, Volume 57, Issue 10, pp 907-911

Discharge on Boiling in a Channel as a New Atomization and Excitation Source for the Flow Determination of Metals by Atomic Emission Spectrometry

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A new atomization and excitation source for the spectrochemical analysis of electrolyte solutions was described. This is a discharge on boiling in a channel, which arises in a vapor gap formed in the channel of a dielectric membrane because of Joule heating. Based on the synchronous kinetic measurements of current and light intensities, a qualitative model was proposed for processes occurring in a pulsed discharge on boiling in a channel. The background emission spectrum of the discharge on boiling in a channel was measured. The possibility of exciting lines of alkali and alkaline-earth metals was studied. Calibration graphs for the determination of 0.01–5 mM Na, Mg, and Ca are presented.