, Volume 127, Issue 2, pp 209-218

Novel male-specific molecular markers (MADC5, MADC6) in hemp

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Decamer RAPD primers were tested on dioecious and monoecious hemp cultivars to identify sex-specific molecular markers. Two primers (OPD05 and UBC354) generated specific bands in male plants. These two DNA fragments were isolated, cloned and sequenced. Both markers proved to be unique, since no sequence with significant homology to OPD05961 and UBC354151 markers were found in databases. These markers were named MADC3 (OPD05961) and MADC4 (UBC354151) (Male-Associated DNA from Cannabis sativa). The markers were converted into sequence-characterized amplified region (SCAR) markers. The SCAR markers correlated with the sex of the segregating F2 population and proved the tight linkage to the male phenotype. Results of F2 plant population analysis suggest these markers are to be linked to the Y chromosome.

This revised version was published online in August 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.