Numerical Algorithms

, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp 323–333

Zeros of \(_3 F_2 (_{d,e}^{ - n,b,c} ;z) \) Polynomials

  • K. Driver
  • K. Jordaan

DOI: 10.1023/A:1020126822435

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Driver, K. & Jordaan, K. Numerical Algorithms (2002) 30: 323. doi:10.1023/A:1020126822435


We establish the location of the zeros of several classes of 3F2 hypergeometric polynomials that admit representations as various kinds of products involving 2F1 polynomials. We categorise the 3F2 polynomials considered here according to whether they are well-poised or k-balanced. Our results include and extend those obtained in [5].

zeros of hypergeometric polynomials zeros of \(_3 F_2 (_{d,e}^{ - n,b,c} ;z)\) 

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  • K. Driver
  • K. Jordaan

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