, Volume 28, Issue 8, pp 1641-1652

Identification of Sex Pheromone Composition of Click Beetle Agriotes brevis Candeze

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Geranyl butyrate (GB) and (E,E)-farnesyl butyrate (FB) were identified in the pheromone gland extract of females of the click beetle, Agriotes brevis (Candeze) (Coleoptera: Elateridae) as the major sex pheromone components. Polyethylene vial dispensers containing 20–200 mg of a 1:1 mixture caught high numbers of beetles. Captures did not decrease even after 73 days of field exposure of dispensers. At sites where both Agriotes sputator L. and A. brevis were present, the above baits were selectively catching only A. brevis, despite the fact that GB is also the main pheromone component of A. sputator, suggesting that FB has a role in reproductive isolation. In the early part of the season, traps into which the insects could both crawl and fly captured more A. brevis than designs where the insects could only fly in. Trap design was not important later in the season. This indicates the need for future development of a trap suitable for use throughout the whole season.