Systematic Parasitology

, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp 69-79

First online:

A revised diagnosis of the feather mite genus Magimelia Gaud, 1961 (Pterolichoidea: Pterolichidae: Magimeliinae) and the description of three new species

  • Jacek DabertAffiliated withDepartment of Animal Morphology, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • , Serge V. MironovAffiliated withZoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • , Rainer EhrnsbergerAffiliated withInstitute of Nature Conservation and Environmental Education, University of Vechta

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Three new mite species of the genus Magimelia (Astigmata: Pterolichidae) are described from the plumage of various lapwings (Charadriidae: Vanellinae): M. breviloba n. sp. from Vanellus miles miles; M. thailandica n. sp. from V. indicus (type-host), V. duvaucelii and V. tricolor; and M. chilensis n. sp. from V. chilensis. An extended host range for M. dolichosikya Gaud, 1961 is given. A revised diagnosis of the genus and a key to known species are presented.