, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 109-114

Isolation and identification of the antialgal compound, harmane (1-methyl-β-carboline), produced by the algicidal bacterium, Pseudomonas sp. K44-1

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Twelve strains of algicidal bacteria were isolated from the surfacewater of the pond Shinobazu and the moat Ote-bori (Tokyo, Japan). Nine of thesestrains were considered to be in the Pseudomonas group byanalyses of 16S rDNA sequences. The methanol extract ofPseudomonas sp. K44-1 showed marked antialgal activity bythe paper disk method. Harmane (1-methyl-β-carboline) was isolated fromtheethyl acetate extract of the whole culture broth ofPseudomonas sp. K44-1 by using silica gel columnchromatography and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Harmaneshowedantagonistic activities against several cyanobacterial strains at aconcentration of 30 μg disk−1.