, Volume 53, Issue 3-4, pp 177-183

SiO2‐supported bimetallic Rh–Co catalysts derived from [Rh(CO)2Cl]2 and cobalt carbonyls

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According to the results of IR characterization and catalytic study in ethylene hydroformylation, bimetallic Rh–Co catalysts can be efficiently prepared from [Rh(CO)2Cl]2 and cobalt carbonyls by co‐impregnation on SiO2. The reaction of Co2(CO)8 with [Rh(CO)2Cl]2 (Rh : Co = 1 : 3 atomic ratio) gives rapidly RhCo3(CO)12 on the surface of SiO2. Although Co4(CO)12 is not reactive with [Rh(CO)2Cl]2 on SiO2 to form directly RhCo3(CO)12, an equivalent bimetallic catalyst can be easily obtained from ([Rh(CO)2Cl]2 + Co4(CO)12)/SiO2 or its derivative (Rh+ + Co2+)/SiO2 (Rh : Co = 1 : 3 atomic ratio) under reducing conditions.

This revised version was published online in July 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.