, Volume 39, Issue 3-4, pp 273-297

Gender Roles and Sexual Behavior Among Young Women

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This study investigates the hypothesis that‘non-traditional’ gender role attitudes and‘masculine’ gender role traits or datingbehaviors are associated with unsafe sexual behaviorssuch as having a high number of sexual partners, the non-use ofcondoms and the use of alcohol or drugs before or duringintercourse. A self-report survey was completed by 400sexually active Australian women aged between 16 and 24 who attended two metropolitan FamilyPlanning clinics in Queensland, Australia. The findingsshow partial support for the hypothesis. Women with ahigher level of 'masculine' personality traits and egalitarian gender role attitudes were morelikely to have multiple partners and to use alcohol ordrugs with their most recent non-steady partner. Themultivariate relationships between gender roles and sexual behaviors are not as extensive as wouldbe proposed by gender role theory and previousresearch.