, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 57-69

The Relationship Between Housing Characteristics, Emotional Well-Being and the Personal Empowerment of Psychiatric Consumer/Survivors

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In this research, we examine the relationshipsbetween the housing characteristics and dimensions ofcommunity adaptation for 107 psychiatricconsumer/survivors. Hypotheses about which housingcharacteristics best predict which dimensions of adaptationwere made based on previous research and theory. Usinga longitudinal research design, we found, aftercontrolling for demographic variables and prioradaptation, that the number of living companions, housingconcerns, and having a private room all significantlypredicted different dimensions of community adaptation.The findings partially support our theoretical expectations and illuminate the relationshipbetween physical, social and organizational aspects ofcommunity-based housing and the adaptation ofpsychiatric consumer/survivors. We discuss theimplications of the results for policy and practice inproviding housing for this population.