, Volume 32, Issue 16, pp 4269-4273

A novel wet process for the preparation of vanadium dioxide thin film

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Thin films of vanadium oxide have been prepared from an aqueous solution system of (V2O5–HF aq.) with the addition of aluminium metal by a novel wet-preparation process which is called liquid-phase deposition (LPD). From X-ray diffraction measurements, the as-deposited film was found to be amorphous and it was then crystallized to V2O5 by calcination at 400 °C under an air flow. In contrast, the monoclinic VO2 phase was obtained when the deposited film was calcined under a nitrogen atmosphere. The deposited film showed excellent adherence to the substrate and was characterized by a homogeneous flat surface. The deposited VO2 film exhibited a reversible semiconductor–metal phase transition around 70 °C and its transition behaviour depended on the way in which the film was prepared.

This revised version was published online in November 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.