, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 549-560

Specificities of anti-sialyl-Tn and anti-Tn monoclonal antibodies generated using novel clustered synthetic glycopeptide epitopes

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The fine specificities of MAbs generated using novel synthetic clustered STn and Tn glycopeptides as immunogens were compared with the anti-TAG-72 antibodies B72.3 and CC49. Hapten inhibition experiments demonstrated the specificity of several of the MAbs for STn and Tn expressed on ovine submaxillary mucin and tumor derived MUC-1 mucin. Amongst the STn specific MAbs only the B195.3 MAb shows absolute dependence on the presence of sialic acid and specificity to the simple disaccharide NANAA α2-6-GalNAc. Identification of tumor associated carbohydrate epitopes in cluster and monomer configurations are possible using MAbs detecting the defined structure specificities described herein.

This revised version was published online in November 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.