, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp 479-488

Effect of low temperature on feed intake, growth rate and body composition of juvenile Baltic salmon

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Feed intake, specific growth rate and changes in body composition were studied in juvenile (140-170 g) Baltic salmon, Salmo salar, reared at three temperatures (2, 4 and 6 °C) under continuous light conditions. Feed intake increased from 20.4 kJ kg-1 day-1 at 2 °C to 63.8 kJ kg-1 day-1 at 6 °C, and growth rate increased from 0.10% day-1 to 0.37% day-1 over the same temperature interval. The estimated lower temperature limits for feeding and growth were approximately 0.35 °C and 0.6 °C, respectively. Amongst fish reared at 2 °C the majority (86%) of the weight gain consisted of water and protein, and these fish deposited very little lipid. Lipid deposition increased amongst the groups of fish held at the higher temperatures, and amongst the salmon reared at 6 °C lipid accounted for 43% of the body energy gain.