, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 55-65

Influence of Elaboration Parameters on the Properties of Tin Oxide Films Obtained by the Sol-Gel Process

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The influence of elaboration parameters during the sol-gel process is studied for tin oxide films deposition. The Dip Coating Sol-Gel route can be divided into three elaboration stages: the pulling phase and the drying and densification steps. During the pulling phase, the relative humidity ratio and the withdrawal speed are found to influence the film morphology and the film thickness respectively. Then, we show how a correct control of the sample drying is able to eliminate cracks. The densification step (temperature and duration), leading to the final network, is considered in details, and resulting effects on physical properties are presented: crytallinity, optical behaviour, atomic density, stoichiometry, electrical conductivity etc... We show through these results the specificity of the tin oxide elaborated with our procedure