, Volume 132, Issue 5, pp 1079-1083

Dimebon and Tacrine Inhibit Neurotoxic Action of β-Amyloid in Culture and Block L-type Ca2+ Channels

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Dimebon, a Russian-made drug, inhibited toxic effects of beta -amyloid on cultured neurons. Excessive accumulation of beta-amyloid in the brain is characteristic of Alzheimer dementias. Antialzheimer preparations tacrine and dimebon improve survival of cerebellar granule cells during long-term incubation with Ab25-35, the neurotoxic fragment of beta-amyloid. Both preparations can block potential-dependent Ca2+ entry into neurons by about 20%, which is explained by their selective action on L-type Ca2+ channels. It was assumed that the neuroprotective effect of dimebon and tacrine against Ab25-35 partially depends on inhibition of potential-dependent Ca2+ entry.