, Volume 448, Issue 1-3, pp 143-169

Larval development of Euphausia superba Dana, 1852 and a phylogenetic analysis of the Euphausiacea

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Literature data and new investigations by SEM of selected ontogenetic stages of the Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba Dana, 1852 revealed morphological characters that are either missing in, or significantly changed towards, the adult. Besides adult features, such ontogenetic characters enabled us to propose a hypothesis of the phylogenetic relationships of and within the Euphausiacea on the basis of a computer aided cladistic analysis. These are of the form (Bentheuphausia amblyops + Euphausiidae = ('Thysanopoda' + Nematobrachion + Euphausiinae = (Meganyctiphanes norvegica + Euphausiini, new name + Nematoscelini, new name = (Nyctiphanes + Nematoscelina, new name)))). From this analysis the taxon names 'Euphausiina', 'Nematoscelini', and 'Nematoscelina' are introduced for in-groups of the taxon Euphausiacea as representing monophyletic units. The position of a set of ontogenetic characters remains relatively uncertain due to the still unknown larval development of Bentheuphausia amblyops (G. O. Sars, 1883).