, Volume 449, Issue 1-3, pp 193-199

Notes on the biology of Cancer bellianus (Brachyura, Cancridae) around the Canary Islands

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Information on biometric and biological parameters of Cancer bellianus Johnson, 1861 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Cancridae) off the Canary Islands is given. Crabs examined were collected during experimental fishing surveys during 1974–1998. Carapace length, carapace width, total wet weight, sex and ovigerous condition were determined. This species was caught at depths from 153 to 750 m, the deepest ever recorded. Size frequency distributions were assembled and size-weight relationships were estimated by sex. Sex-ratio as a function of size and depth was determined. The size at first maturity was calculated by analysing the relative growth between the carapace length and the left chela width: 103.5 mm CL in males, 101.2 mm CL in females. Ovigerous females, egg size and fecundity estimates are reported apparently for the first time.