, Volume 121, Issue 5-6, pp 377-386

Can Superfluid Vortex Lines Excite Normal Fluid Turbulence in 4He?

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When helium II is made turbulent the superfluid component forms a dense tangle of quantized vortex lines which can be easily detected experimentally using the second sound technique. On the contrary little is known about the normal fluid component: on the experimental side progress has been hindered by the lack of simple flow visualization, and on the theoretical side attention has been concentrated on the effect that a given normal flow has on the superfluid vortices, not vice-versa. Attempting to fill this gap, we discuss results of recent calculations in which we find that normal fluid vorticity structures can be generated by superfluid vortices. In particular we address the issue of whether the superfluid vortices can make the normal fluid turbulent.