, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp 342-348

Composition and Properties of Layered Compounds in the GeTe–Sb2Te3System

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The 620-K section of the Ge–Sb–Te phase diagram was mapped out using x-ray diffraction, microstructural analysis, and microhardness measurements. The transport properties of the layered tetradymite-like compounds nGeTe · mSb2Te3(n, m= 1–4) were studied in wide temperature ranges (Hall effect and electrical resistivity, from 77 to 800 K, and thermoelectric power, from 90 to 450 K). The results show that the nGeTe · mSb2Te3compounds are degeneratep-type semiconductors with a fairly high hole concentration due to the high density of intrinsic point defects. The temperature dependences of the Hall coefficient and resistivity exhibit anomalies related to solid-state phase transitions. The room-temperature lattice thermal conductivity ofnGeTe · mSb2Te3is fairly low, in the range 8–10 mW/(cm K).