Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 269, Issue 0, pp 427-430

First online:

What is the True Fraction of Barred Spiral Galaxies?

  • Paul B. EskridgeAffiliated withDepartment of Astronomy, The Ohio State University
  • , Jay A. FrogelAffiliated withDepartment of Astronomy, The Ohio State University

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We have determined the fraction of barred galaxies in the H-band for a statistically well-defined sample of 186 spirals. At H, 56% of our sample is strongly barred, 16% is weakly barred, and only 27% is unbarred. The RC3 and the Carnegie Atlas of Galaxies both classify roughly 30% of our sample as strongly barred. Thus strong bars are nearly twice as prevalent in the H-band as in the optical. Roughly 40% of the galaxies in our sample that are classified as unbarred in the RC3 show evidence for a bar in the H-band; for the Carnegie Atlas the fraction is roughly 60%. We find no significant trend in bar fraction as a function of morphology, in either the optical or H-band.