, Volume 18, Issue 8, pp 407-412

Andrology: Follicular Fluid Enhances Sperm Attraction and Its Motility in Human

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Purpose: Follicular fluid has a pivotal effect on motility and chemotaxis of spermatozoa for successful fertilization. The effect of human follicular fluid (hFF) and progesterone on attraction and motility of spermatozoa were investigated using simplified capillary assays.

Methods: Capillary tubes loaded with hFF, modified human tubal fluid (m-hTF), or m-hTF supplemented with progesterone, respectively, were used for assessments of attraction and motility of spermatozoa following culture at various time intervals.

Results: Number and motile ratio of spermatozoa in the tubes loaded with hFF were significantly (P < .05) higher than those with m-hTF. In the tubes loaded with m-hTF, m-hTF supplemented with progesterone, and hFF, the attracted number of spermatozoa were 34 × 105, 131 × 105, and 108 × 105, and motile ratio of spermatozoa was 37, 48, and 82%, respectively.

Conclusions: We conclude that hFF clearly plays a crucial role in enhancing attraction and motility of spermatozoa, and progesterone has strong effect on attraction of spermatozoa.