, Volume 56, Issue 5, pp 429-432

Indirect Kinetic–Spectrophotometric Determination of Resorcinol, Catechol, and Hydroquinone

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A rapid, simple, and sensitive method for the determination of trace amounts of resorcinol, catechol, and hydroquinone in aqueous media has been proposed. The method is based on their reaction with nitrite. The excess nitrite is then determined by a kinetic method based on its reaction with Neutral Red. The reaction is monitored spectrophotometrically by measuring the decrease in the absorbance at 530 nm by a fixed time method. Resorcinol, catechol, and hydroquinone could be determined by the proposed method in the ranges of 0.1–2.0 mg/mL, 0.25–2.0 mg/mL and 0.1–3.0 mg/mL, respectively. The method was applied to the determination of resorcinol and catechol in pharmaceutical formulations with satisfactory results.