, Volume 16-17, Issue 1-4, pp 157-164

Transient Surface Processes of Storage and Conversion of NOx Species on Pt–Me/Al2O3 Catalysts (Me = Ba, Ce, Cu)

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The transient reactivity and surface phenomena of storage and conversion of NO x species on Pt(1%)–Me/Al2O3 catalysts, where Me = Ba, Ce and Cu, were studied by the RWF (rectangular wavefront) method. The Me component has a relevant influence on the processes of surface storage and transformation. The reduction of NO x by propene in the presence of oxygen is promoted by adding Cu to a Pt/Al2O3 catalyst, while cerium promotes transient conversion of NO in the absence of propene, but inhibits the reduction of NO x in the presence of propene. Copper is suggested to be a promising element to add together with Ba for new NO x storage-reduction catalysts due to its capacity to act both as a storage element and as promoter for NO x reduction.