, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 195-208

The Cold Origin of Life: A. Implications Based On The Hydrolytic Stabilities Of Hydrogen Cyanide And Formamide

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It has been suggested that hydrogen cyanide(HCN) would not have been present in sufficient concentrationto polymerize in the primitive ocean to produce nucleic acidbases and amino acids. We have measured the hydrolysis ratesof HCN and formamide over the range of 30–150 °C and pH 0–14,and estimated the steady state concentrations in theprimitive ocean. At 100 °C and pH 8, the steady stateconcentration of HCN and formamide were calculated to be7 × 10-13 M and 1 × 10-15 M, respectively. Thus, itseems unlikely that HCN could have polymerized in a warmprimitive ocean. It is suggested that eutectic freezing mighthave been required to have concentrated HCN sufficiantly forit to polymerize. If the HCN polymerization was important forthe origin of life, some regions of the primitive earth mighthave been frozen.