, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 335-354

Using an Electronic Bulletin Board in Teaching Business Ethics: En route to a virtual agora

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In this article the experiences of teachingbusiness ethics using electronic bulletinboards are described and discussed with a viewto developing useful guidelines andconsideration of best practice. The focus is onan electronic bulletin board on anundergraduate eCommerce degree for teaching amodule called `eCommerce in Legal and EthicalContext'. The issues of computer-mediatedcommunication (CMC) in the context of aBusiness Ethics course are discussed. Thepreconditions for its successful use includeability to use the technology, requiredparticipation in the use of the board, and theproper use of the board for pedagogic purposes.We conclude that electronic bulletin boards arewell suited to complementing other learning andteaching media on business ethics courses, andat best could create a virtual meeting ormarket place; an agora for businessethics debate.