Mobile Networks and Applications

, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 279–290

High Performance Data Broadcasting Systems

  • Peter Triantafillou
  • R. Harpantidou
  • M. Paterakis

DOI: 10.1023/A:1015411311496

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Triantafillou, P., Harpantidou, R. & Paterakis, M. Mobile Networks and Applications (2002) 7: 279. doi:10.1023/A:1015411311496


Data broadcasting as a means of efficient data dissemination is a key technology facilitating ubiquitous computing. For this reason, broadcast scheduling algorithms have received a lot of attention. However, all existing algorithms make the core assumption that the data items to be broadcast are immediately available in the transmitter's queue, ignoring the key role that the disk subsystem and the cache management play in the overall broadcast system performance. With this paper we contribute a comprehensive system's perspective towards the development of high performance broadcast systems, taking into account how broadcast scheduling, disk scheduling, and cache management algorithms affect the overall performance. We contribute novel techniques that ensure an efficient interplay between broadcast scheduling, cache management, and disk scheduling. We study comprehensively the performance of the broadcast server, as it consists of the broadcast scheduling, the disk scheduling, the cache management algorithms, and the transmitter. Our results show that the contributed algorithms yield considerably higher performance. Furthermore, one of our algorithms is shown to enjoy considerably higher performance, under all values of the problem and system parameters. A key contribution is the result that broadcast scheduling algorithms have only a small effect on the overall system performance, which necessitates the definition of different focal points for efforts towards high performance data broadcasting.

data disseminationbroadcast schedulingdisk schedulingcache managementsystem performance

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  • Peter Triantafillou
  • R. Harpantidou
  • M. Paterakis

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