, Volume 67, Issue 4, pp 305-323

Comparison between Lever and Scheil Rules for Modeling of Microporosity Formation during Solidification

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Segregation and microporosity formation are two important physicalphenomena that occur during solidification of binary alloys. The aim ofthis study is to investigate the effect of the model of solute diffusionat the local scale (which means at the local scale of the microscopicrepresentative elemental average volume (REV)) on solute transport andthe microporosity formation during this process. The Scheil rule and thelever rule are used to describe the solute diffusion at the local scale.Results indicate that solute diffusion at the local scale is animportant factor in microporosity formation. Also, microporosityformation slightly reduces inverse segregation because it partiallycompensates for shrinkage. The increase of the external pressure at thefree surface or the decrease of the initial hydrogen concentration inthe molten alloy can be effectively utilized to control microporosityformation.