, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp 351-352

Endoscopic management of an unusual foreign body in the urinary bladder leading to intractable symptoms

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A 70-year old female patient presented with intractable lower abdominal painand recurrent urinary tract infection following an endoscopic bladder necksuspension. Investigations revealed it to be a case of suture and pledgetmigration leading to foreign body granuloma in urinary bladder. It is beingreported as an uncommon complication of endoscopic bladder necksuspension. An early endoscopic evaluation should be carried out in casesof unexplained lower urinary tract symptoms following any surgicalprocedure for incontinence. It is also appropriate to retrieve these foreignbodies endourologically without resorting to open surgery and thusextending safe, comfortable, and short postoperative course with good longterm results.