, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 213-230

Test Wrapper and Test Access Mechanism Co-Optimization for System-on-Chip

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Test access mechanisms (TAMs) and test wrappers are integral parts of a system-on-chip (SOC) test architecture. Prior research has concentrated on only one aspect of the TAM/wrapper design problem at a time, i.e., either optimizing the TAMs for a set of pre-designed wrappers, or optimizing the wrapper for a given TAM width. In this paper, we address a more general problem, that of carrying out TAM design and wrapper optimization in conjunction. We present an efficient algorithm to construct wrappers that reduce the testing time for cores. Our wrapper design algorithm improves on earlier approaches by also reducing the TAM width required to achieve these lower testing times. We present new mathematical models for TAM optimization that use the core testing time values calculated by our wrapper design algorithm. We further present a new enumerative method for TAM optimization that reduces execution time significantly when the number of TAMs being designed is small. Experimental results are presented for an academic SOC as well as an industrial SOC.