, Volume 231, Issue 1-2, pp 69-74

Identification of TH1 as an interaction partner of A-Raf kinase

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A-Raf is an important intermediate of the growth factor Ras-MAP kinase pathway. In a two-hybrid screen of human fetal liver cDNA library, TH1 was detected as a new interaction partner of A-Raf. TH1 is a highly conserved and widely expressed protein, which was recently cloned by Bonthron DT group. The binding between A-Raf and TH1 was specific, as no binding between TH1 and B-Raf or c-Raf was observed, and the amino-terminal 162 amino acids in the A-Raf regulatory domain were found to be sufficient for this interaction. This specific interaction may have played a critical role in the activation of A-Raf.