, Volume 204, Issue 1-2, pp 165-177

ARTEMIS IV Radio Observations of the 14 July 2000 Large Solar Event

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In this report we present a complex metric burst, associated with the 14 July 2000 major solar event, recorded by the ARTEMIS-IV radio spectrograph at Thermopylae. Additional space-borne and Earth-bound observational data are used, in order to identify and analyze the diverse, yet associated, processes during this event. The emission at metric wavelengths consisted of broad-band continua including a moving and a stationary type IV, impulsive bursts and pulsating structures. The principal release of energetic electrons in the corona was 15–20 min after the start of the flare, in a period when the flare emission spread rapidly eastwards and a hard X-ray peak occurred. Backward extrapolation of the CME also puts its origin in the same time interval, however, the uncertainty of the extrapolation does not allow us to associate the CME with any particular radio or X-ray signature. Finally, we present high time and spectral resolution observations of pulsations and fiber bursts, together with a preliminary statistical analysis.