Plant Molecular Biology

, Volume 48, Issue 1, pp 183-200

Recombinase-directed plant transformation for the post-genomic era

  • David W. OwAffiliated withUnited States Department of Agriculture, Plant Gene Expression Center, Agricultural Research ServicePlant & Microbial Biology, University of California

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Plant genomics promises to accelerate genetic discoveries for plant improvements. Machine-driven technologies are ushering in gene structural and expressional data at an unprecedented rate. Potential bottlenecks in this crop improvement process are steps involving plant transformation. With few exceptions, genetic transformation is an obligatory final step by which useful traits are engineered into plants. In addition, transgenesis is most often needed to confirm gene function, after deductions made through comparative genomics, expression profiles, and mutation analysis. This article reviews the use of recombinase systems to deliver DNA more efficiently into the plant genome.

Cre- lox DNA integration FLP-FRT phiC31 site-specific recombination