, Volume 227, Issue 1-2, pp 59-66

Genes targeted by protein kinase CK2: A genome-wide expression array analysis in yeast

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Protein kinase CK2, a tetramer composed of two catalytically active (CK2α isoforms) and two regulatory (CK2α isoforms) subunits, is suspected to have, among others, a role in gene transcription. To identify the genes targeted by CK2, the transcriptional effect of silencing the CK2 subunit genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CK2α isoform genes: CKA1 and CKA2; CK2α isoform genes: CKB1 and CKB2) was examined using genome-wide expression array analysis (oligonucleotide array chips). Silencing did not influence the overwhelming majority (5801) of the over six thousand open reading frames composing the yeast genome. Cells knocked-out for both CKA1 and CKA2 and plasmid-rescued by Cka1 affected specifically at 2-fold discrimination level the transcription of 57 genes, and when rescued by Cka2, the transcription of 118 genes. In CKB1/CKB2 double knock-outs, transcription of 54 genes was specifically altered. Interestingly, aside overlaps between the gene spectra affected by CKA1 and CKA2 silencing, there were overlaps also between those influenced by CK2α and CK2α isoform silencing. The data indicate a distinct role of CK2 in gene transcription control, identify specific functional differences between the two catalytic subunits in gene targeting, and reveal independent effects by the regulatory subunits.