, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 519-523

Magnetization Study of (Hg,Cr)Sr2CuO4 + δ Superconductor

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(Hg,Cr)-Sr-1201 type superconductor of nominal composition Hg0.7Cr0.3Sr2CuO4 + δ was synthesized by the sealed quartz-tube method. X-ray diffraction analysis of the sample showed it has tetragonal symmetry with lattice parameters a = 3.841(1) Å, and c = 8.664(3) Å. The as-prepared sample is superconducting at 60 K as shown by dc-magnetization and dc-resistivity measurements. The irreversibility line (IL) obtained from the merging point of the zero-field-cooled and the field-cooled magnetization measurements at several applied fields was found to obey the equation H = A(1 − T/T c) n and gave a value of 2.55 for the exponent “n.” Using magnetic hysteresis loops the critical current density of superconducting (Hg,Cr)-Sr-1201 was estimated. The irreversibility line and magnetic hysteresis showed reduced pinning properties of (Hg,Cr)-Sr-1201 as compared to HgBa2CuO4 + δ.