, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp 17-24

Piezoelectric and Magnetoelectric Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate/Ni-Ferrite Particulate Composites

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Piezoelectric and magnetoelectric properties of magnetoelectric particulate composites with Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) and Ni-ferrite were investigated. The maximum magnetoelectric voltage coefficient, (dE/dH)max, increased with higher sintering temperature up to 1250°C. Composites sintered at 1300°C, had dissolution of Fe ions into PZT, or interdiffusion between PZT and ferrite. Connectivity of the ferrite particles and sintering temperature were important factors for fabrication of this particulate composite. The composite added with 20 wt.% amount of Ni-ferrite, sintered at 1250°C for 2 hours, had the highest magnetoelectric voltage coefficient of 115 mV/cm · Oe at room temperature. This value is comparable to that of the BaTiO3-CoFe2O4 based composites reported by Philips laboratory, and is 44% higher than other magnetoelectric particulate composites.