, Volume 48, Issue 4, pp 391-400

Morphological classification of maize landraces from northern Spain

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One hundred landraces of maize from Northern Spain werecharacterized on the basis of twenty-two morphological traits,and seventeen ecological variables (climatic, edaphic andtopographic) associated with the collection site. Highbroad-sense heritabilities ( > 0.6) were foundfor plant height, ear height, ear node number, ear length,mid-ear diameter, rows of kernels, kernels per row, cob weightand days to silking. Seven different groups were obtained withcluster analysis using plant and cycle traits, and discriminantanalysis showed that leaf area, ear shape, tassel branches, rows ofkernels, plant height, cob weight, and ear length were the mostimportant traits for taxonomic classification. Seven populations withpromising breeding value were detected.