, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 91–103

Adsorption Equilibrium and Dynamics of Methyl Iodide in a Silver Ion-Exchanged Zeolite Column at High Temperatures


  • Byung Seon Choi
    • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Geun Il Park
    • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Joon Hyung Kim
    • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Jae Wook Lee
    • Department of Chemical EngineeringSeonam University
  • Seung Kon Ryu
    • Department of Chemical EngineeringChungnam National University

DOI: 10.1023/A:1011660121182

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Choi, B.S., Park, G.I., Kim, J.H. et al. Adsorption (2001) 7: 91. doi:10.1023/A:1011660121182


An extensive evaluation was carried out to determine the optimal silver ion-exchanged level for the removal of methyl iodide at high temperatures up to 400°C. Based on the degree of silver utilization, the optimal silver loading and temperature were about 10 wt% and 175°C, respectively. The physical and chemical properties of silver ion-exchanged zeolite were characterized by instrumental analysis such as BET, TG/DTA and SEM-EDS. Adsorption dynamics was also studied at different temperatures, and methyl iodide concentrations. A simple dynamic model was formulated by employing the linear driving force (LDF) approximation inside adsorbent particles, and the nonisothermal Langmuir-Freundlich equation. The model equations were solved numerically by an orthogonal collocation method. The proposed dynamic model satisfactorily simulated the experimental breakthrough results.

high temperaturemethyl iodidesilver ion-exchanged zeoliteadsorption equilibriumdynamic model

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