, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 267-291

Monitoring Edge-to-Edge Traffic Aggregates in Differentiated Services Networks

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Differentiated Services (DiffServ), which are currently being standardized in the IETF DiffServ working group, is a solution that can provide different qualities of service to different network users. DiffServ aggregates network packets at edge routers and forwards the aggregated packets to core routers with different priorities. In this paper, we propose methods using the SNMP framework for monitoring edge-to-edge traffic aggregates in a DiffServ domain, which consists of a set of DiffServ-enabled routers. In order to manage each DiffServ router, we have analyzed the DiffServ MIB and instrumented it in the router. Further, we propose monitoring behaviors of edge-to-edge traffic aggregates by combining topology and performance information from MIB II and DiffServ MIB. Construction procedures and graphical representation of the edge-to-edge traffic aggregates are explained in detail. We also extend our efforts to implement a DiffServ domain monitoring system that monitors a set of DiffServ-enabled routers and traffic aggregates between every edge router pair. We believe that the proposed monitoring methods can serve as useful building blocks for managing DiffServ networks.