, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 121-134

The Value of a Statistical Life in Transport: Findings from a New Contingent Valuation Study in Sweden

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This article presents the results of a contingent valuation study from Sweden aimed at estimating the value of a statistical life (VOSL) in road traffic safety. Data on respondents' own subjective risk was collected by use of visual aids presented in a mail questionnaire. The relationship between willingness-to-pay (WTP) and absolute risk reduction was estimated by using a non-linear, least absolute deviation estimation method. This study generated an income-adjusted VOSL of SEK22.3 million (US$2.6 million). Analysis of WTP's sensitivity to probability variation indicates that in future studies, valuing risk reductions in road traffic, the magnitude of absolute risk and relative risk reductions to consider should be in perceptible range. On addition it should also be possible for respondents to compare the magnitudes of different risk reductions.